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And welcome to Joey Juice Beverage Company. My name is Joe DeMaio, a local guy from the Hudson valley, who has carried a passion for making great tasting beverages since 1994.

Joey's black teas and Joey's botanicals are all natural beverages steeped in ample amounts of real tea leaves, flowers and botanicals giving them an authentic flavor.

In the beginning of my journey I was told that if I wanted a co-packer to make my creations that I would "have to go to a flavor house and provide a powder or liquid 'kit' as that is the standard when manufacturing beverages.' I thought, 'Why would I do what everyone else is doing?'… that doesn't sound fun at all. (plus every time my creations were converted they tasted nothing like the real thing) So… I designed and built a facility to brew my creations.

Yup… We own our facility. This allows us to brew just like you do at home. We do not use "natural flavorings", powders or extracts. We keep it simple by using real ingredients in their natural form.

Enjoy! - Joe DeMaio AKA Joey Juice

P.S. Joey Juice is actually my nickname. When I was four I would walk around with my bottle hanging from my mouth as I mumbled "JUICE"… "JUICE". And so it stuck…my older brother and his friends would call me Joey Juice or Juice for short.

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Joe Demaio

Joe Demaio